Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tiger's Caddie and the NFL All-Pro Team

I really like to keep my blog geared toward more spiritual things.  It seems like lately I have written a lot about sports and news.  I really just deal with whatever is on my mind as I sit before my computer.  So, today?  More sports.

Have you heard about what Tiger Woods' caddie, Steve Williams, said about Phil Michelson in an interview in Australia (maybe it was New Zealand)?  I can't repeat some of what he said, but he spoke very disparagingly about him.  The one comment that I found especially interesting was when he said that Phil didn't show respect to him.  What does that mean?  Phil is a professional golfer!  Steve Williams is a caddie!  Did he mean Phil treats him rudely?  Or that he hasn't "buddied-up" to him?

This guy makes over a million dollars a year to get to walk next to the greatest golfer perhaps in history over beautiful landscapes.  He gets 1st-class treatment at every tour stop -- treated like a celebrity.  And he is going to publicly rip one of the premier golfers of our day?  I think either Tiger needs to fire him -- as good as he has been for Tiger, or the PGA needs to suspend him.

The NFL All-Pro team was announced yesterday.  There is some sanity that has returned.  Half the Cowboy team did not make it this year.  Five Cowboys were named to the Pro Bowl. Outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware, nose tackle Jay Ratliff, tight end Jason Witten, guard Leonard Davis and center Andre Gurode were selected.  The only other one who might should have made it is Brandon James.


Jeff said...

I think it's Bradie James but what does it matter if TO isn't going? He is the face of the least the other face along with Jerry's. I'm surprised Jerry hasn't requested a Pro Bowl GM from each league (thinking he would be the one).

Maybe Tiger could make his caddie shine Mickelson's shoes at each stop on the tour.

Rick Ross said...

I knew "Brandon" didn't sound right when I wrote it.

I like your idea for Tiger's caddie.

Josh Ross said...

Steve-boy is a rugby guy. He lives for confrontation.
Should he have said it? No.
Should there be consequences? I don't think so.
Golf needs some trash talk. :)

When Tiger comes back, I'll start watching golf again.

Jeff said...

I'm with Josh. I think I would enjoy golf more if I could make loud noises during someone's backswing. Let's see how well they can really focus.