Monday, December 08, 2008

Armchair Quarterbacking

The Cowboys choked big time in Pittsburgh yesterday.  Perhaps the worst play came from Cowboy Kingdom idol, Tony Romo.  Tony is a good guy, and perhaps has exceeded anyone's expectations.  But he has a long way to go to being lumped in with Staubach and Aikman.

And what's with "the Barbarian"?  He can't play in the most crucial game of the season because his little toe hurts?  

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (I know I'm no expert on the subject, but it is my blog:)  This team has TWO Pro-Bowlers -- Jason Whitten and DeMarcus Ware (Romo MIGHT make it as a backup).    

Once again the BCS took a whippin', as No. 1 Alabama got thumped by Tim Teebo and Florida.  Now I have to make a choice:  Do I root for Big 12 champion OU (which is very distasteful for me) or a team I have never liked -- Florida?  Right now I am leaning toward Florida.  I like Teebo.  I must admit:  Sam Bradford seems like a classy guy, too.  While I admire Bob Stoops for his coaching ability, I don't like him.  I think he takes too many pot shots at Mack Brown.

Sign that things can't be too bad:  People hiring airplanes to fly over arch-rivals' games towing banners.  OU fans hired one to fly over Austin last week,  telling Mack Brown to quit crying.  I wonder if OU would have had that same attitude if the Big 12 had chosen Texas over them for the championship game?  Then last weekend, a Texas fan hired a plane to fly over the Big 12 championship game with a banner that said something like, "Loser Bowl:  Both teams lost to Texas."

I was hoping to see Texas play Alabama in a BCS bowl game.  Again, this seems fruity to me, but why is Texas (at #3) playing a #10 ranked team, Ohio State?

COME ON, OBAMA!  BRING US A PLAYOFF!  High schools do it.  Other divisions of the NCAA  do it.  America wants it!    


rgolf48 said...

I watched as the Cowboys melted; however, the final interception wasn't Romo's fault, it was Whitten's - and he admits it. Also, the last pass of the game was to Whitten, who never turned around to see the ball coming to him. I'm a Whitten fan, but he had an off game.

Last year I said I would stick with my conference in big games. This year I can't. The BCS robbed Texas - I must go with Florida (it's easy - I like the Gators).

I see two possible scenarios. It's a close game and either team can win, or it's a blowout by OU. I don't see the Gators pummeling OU (but I hope I'm wrong).

Rick Ross said...


I did not see the plays you referred to. But I did hear Whitten taking the blame (again, he is a class act). But Romo was sailing passes in different area codes from his receivers throughout the game. Bad game for Romo, too. They all have one. But more was expected from this team, and he's supposed to be "the guy."

rgolf48 said...


Art said...

Playoffs will never happen as the schools would need to cut games off of current schedule. Too much potential revenue lost.

Jeff said...

I'm a Gator fan. I can't imagine ever cheering for Zero U.

The bowl games are goofy. If 1 plays 2, why doesn't 3 play 4.

There are plenty of scenarios where a playoff could work but they would all eliminate the useless conference championship. I think that's where Art's point comes into play. However, I think more money would be generated from a playoff system because the games would matter. It works everywhere by D1 football. That makes no sense.

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Rick, I don't like Texas so I'm one of the few Texans out there who will be cheering for OU to pound the Gators! I like Teebo but I've never liked Florida either dating back to Spurrier. Here's hoping Stoops hangs another 60 points on Florida.

Hang in there with The Boys. I think with Plaxico out, we have the NYG at a good time at home. Maybe their December will be like ours was last year and they will tank. Here's hoping. Just need another Atlanta loss - they play the Bucs on Sunday. Plus we own the tiebreaker Tampa Bay. We may squeak in the playoffs but at least we'd be in!