Friday, December 12, 2008

Problems in Big D and Illinois

(Sniffle, sniffle)  "He's my quarterback, man."  (sniffle, sniffle)  

I'm feeling somewhat vindicated this morning.  When the pretend-general manager of the Dallas Cowboys (of Pac-Man Jones fame) signed T. O. a couple of years ago, I said he would wreck the team.  That's what he did in San Francisco and Philadelphia.  Many told me that T. O was a changed man.  Well, he's has been somewhat in remission for two years.  Oh, there have been occasional small hints of his past behavior, but nothing big. 

So now we hear that T. oW. (Team Wrecker) has gotten Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton worked up with this idea that Tony Romo and Jason Whitten have private meetings to draw up plans for themselves -- excluding the wide receivers.  They have gone to Jason Garrett (offensive coordinator) with their "complaint." 

Statistics prove differently.  The receiver who has the most passes thrown his way is (drum roll, please) -- T. O.  Of course since he drops so many, the actual number he catches are about half of what are thrown his way.  Whitten is next -- but he actually catches a much higher percentage.  I know, many of them are shorter routes -- but some of them are also in heavy traffic.

(sniffle, sniffle)  "He's my quarterback, man."  Another QB thrown under the bus.

Pretend-GM Jones needs to turn this team over to a real GM.  His circus act has caused me to totally lose interest in what was once the most envied professional sports team anywhere.  He has been selling us a bill of bad goods (no pun intended) for 10 years or more.  And people buy into it every year.

The governor of Illinois sure makes Rick Perry look good, doesn't he.  That guy has some serious problems.  It is amazing to me how people want to automatically try to connect Obama with the scandal -- even though the Illinois governor called him all kinds of bleeped cuss words in a taped phone conversation -- and even ackowledged that Obama would be of no help to him in his "plan."

When is this vicious cycle going to stop?  It seems like it got really bad when Clinton was president and the Republicans went after his impeachment.  So the Democrats have been trying to get paybacks against Bush for 8 years.  And now the Republicans are going after Obama before he even gets in office.  I think talk radio fuels a lot of it.       



Jeff said...

TO needs some help. Does Beverly have any openings?

I don't want to tie Obama with the governor but it is a bit odd how much corruption has and continues to come out of Chicago politics at all levels.

Rick Ross said...

Interesting: For many years, I thought Chicago was called "The Windy City" because it was windy there. Actually, it got that name for its politics. No doubt: Historically, it has been one of the most corrupt places politically in America.

rgolf48 said...

B.O needs to go! Pac-Man too.
Illinois(especially Chicago)has long been known for it's corrupt politics (ians).