Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Paradox of Death

I am conducting a graveside service today at 10.  The temperature MIGHT rise to 32 by then.  Pray that my mouth will still work.  I tend to sound like a drunk when it gets cold.

The man we will be remembering died at 97.  His story is interesting.  He was a long time member of the Decatur Church, and was a bachelor -- until he was 67!  He then married a widow -- and they were married for 20 years.  He was her caretaker when she became ill.

I remember thinking this when my granddad died at 99-1/2:  In a way it is sad when people live to such an age.  They outlive almost all of their friends and acquaintances.  With so many things they have lived through and so much to share, they are often left to die alone -- or, if lucky, with a handful of relatives to attend their memorials.

Life is full of such paradoxes.  But there is One who doesn't forget us.  "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."    

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Jeff said...

I certainly hope you sound nothing worse than just a little tipsy.

I can't imagine living that long. My grandmother died in her late 90's and I still remember some of the stories she told of her childhood. She saw phenomenal changes in her lifetime.