Friday, December 05, 2008

Challenging (Good) Week

This has been a challenging (in a good way) week for me.  This Sunday morning, I am beginning a quarter's study (13 weeks) on how we got the Bible.  This will deal with the history of the text, but also with different English translations.  I've never taught anything remotely similar to this, but I feel like it is something Christians need to be better aware of -- with the skepticism that is within our culture.  People hear about "The DaVinci Code" (a work of fiction) and things like that, and believe it to be true.  

Then there is The Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel.  I like some of the shows on them.  But any time they deal with Christianity, they get the most liberal, fringe scholars they can find to explain things.  They make "The Gospel of Thomas" out to be THE authoritative words of Jesus -- while casting dispersions on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  

So, I am challenged by this study.

Then, my Sunday morning sermon series will be from the Gospel of Luke.  Again, I have never preached through Luke before.  I have preached the parables -- and most of them are in Luke.  But I love when, as a church, we can journey with Jesus for an extended period of time.  I already anticipate Luke 4 (Jesus' mission statement) -- which has changed my view of Jesus to a large degree.  And of course, my favorite chapter in the Bible -- Luke 15, the story of the Prodigal Son / Loving Father /Elder Brother.

Add to that:  On Sunday nights we are studying Elisha -- another subject I have never preached before.  And the passage before me this week is really difficult.  

This is part of the reason I love what I do so much!     


randy said...

Passages from revelation that challgenge us provide the greatest opportunity for growth. Quite often what I find to be challenged is my preceptions, what I have been taught, and my own spirituality.

jenny biz said...

I know the Decatur church will be blessed!!