Monday, December 15, 2008

Sports Recap

Last night as we left home for our evening worship service, the temperature was 75.  This morning, it is 23.  Welcome to Texas!

We had our open house for the church yesterday afternoon.  I don't know how many people came, but it was a really nice event.  Beverly does such an incredible job preparing for that.  I am so proud of her.  She is a wonderful hostess.  I told her last night:  Everything she touches turns to gold.

We watched the Heisman Trophy Presentation Saturday night.  All three candidates this year seem to be outstanding human beings.  I think Sam Bradford won because OU has simply timed everything well this year.  If I were voting, he would have been 3rd out of the three choices.  

Imagine:  Of the three candidates, there were two juniors and a sophomore!  Last year a sophomore won (Tebow) and this year another sophomore won.  That is the only times in Heisman history.   

I wonder if any of the three are going to jump into the draft?  McCoy has said he is coming back -- and to a Texas team that SHOULD be better than this year's.  Bradford's OU team is going to be hit hard by senior grads.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Tebow go pro.     

Last night's Cowboy game was a defensive slugfest.  Both quarterbacks are probably wondering why they didn't pursue another line of work this morning.  Romo is still having trouble sailing passes, but he hung in like a champ last night.  But who were the "studs."  MY two "All-Pros" -- Jason Whitten and Demarcus Ware.  I told Beverly that Ware must weigh around 280 (I'm guessing), but the guy looks like there isn't an ounce of fat on him. 

Things don't get much easier for the Cowboys if they are to make the playoffs.  They face a TOUGH defense on Saturday night in Baltimore (9-5).  Then they finish up against the always-tough division rival Philadelphia Eagles.  They really cannot drop either game.  

Is it just me or does Jerry Jones look like a total doofus when they show him on the sidelines at the end of a game?  He just throws all dignity out the window.  (Sorry, JJ fans)   


Kyle R. said...

"(Sorry JJ fans)"????

I am not aware of any JJ fans! (except himself, of course)

Anonymous said...

Heisman presentation was impressive. Bradford was the only one I didn't want to get it, and he did. Lot's of OU fans voting I guess. By the way, does anyone else think Billy Sims made a complete fool of himself?

Looks like the Cowboys have a really good running back in Choice. Put him with a decent head coach (Phillips has to go!) and he could really be something. You're right about Ware - he's a BEAST!!!

Antonyms: Jerry Jones & dignity

Jeff said...

Colt should have won the Heisman just because he's my choice. I didn't know much about Tebow until I saw an ESPN video about all the mission work he does. What a neat guy.

I thought TO won the game for the Cowboys. Well, TO and Jerry.