Tuesday, December 16, 2008

News and Commentary

So Carolyn Kennedy is going to run for Hillary Clinton's senatorial spot in New York.  I have never known a time in my life when a Kennedy wasn't in office.  But that family has sure had its share of tragedy, too.  If I was her, I think I would stay away from the public.

I don't claim to understand everything about the U.S. automakers.  And I don't mean my comments to be taking sides one way or another.  In fact, I hope they rally and once again are able to provide great cars that will knock the other world auto makers for a loop.

This is somewhat tongue-in-cheek:  I saw where the Arlington GM plant is going to shut down for a month -- but the workers will receive their wages.  They (the media) are acting like this is a bad thing?  I wish my elders would offer that to me:)

The plant does this every year, I think I read. And I am sure they have it figured out that in the slow season, they save money by not being open -- even as they pay the workers their wages. It just SEEMS odd at this particular time.

I guess you have all seen the shoe-throwing incident at Bush's new conference in Iraq.  As a letter to the editor pointed out in today's paper, this is a sign of good things in Iraq.  Do you think anyone would have done that if Saddam Hussien were still in power?  It is a sign that democracy is changing that country -- and freedom of speech is catching on.   


Anonymous said...

I read this morning where Bill Clinton is trying to put Chelsea's name out there as a replacement.

As far as the auto industry is concerned, they want the money, but refuse to change status quo - especially the agreement with the union. Count me as one if favor of NOT giving them the money.

Finally, the shoe. Leno said that was the only time he can remember Bush leaning left. Clearly not a statement from a conservative - but funny none the less.

Jeff said...

Leno's comment is funny. I thought Bush moved well and looked pretty agile. Who would have thought throwing a shoe signaled freedom of speech? I guess we need to teach them who to throw them at and who they shouldn't throw them at.

Until something changes with the union, the auto business is in trouble.

Kyle R. said...

I think the American people need to get out of the business of putting people in political office because of their last names.