Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring Sports Stuff

I certainly don't claim to be a sports expert. In fact, while I used to closely keep up with sports, I don't do so any more. So I am just throwing this out for fodder for you to respond:

1. Everyone seems to get caught up in March Madness. Why, oh why can't I? I can't even tell you who is left.

2. Baseball season has begun. The Rangers appear to be headed for the cellar again. Why are some teams consistently bad while other teams are consistently good? Why are some teams loaded with pitching, while other teams can't name more than a half dozen good pitchers in their past 40 years?

3. What has happened to the Mavs? Last year, they had one of the best records in NBA history. Of course we all know about their disappearing act in the playoffs. But this year, they are going to be lucky to be the 8th seed in the West. Have they lost that much? Or has the rest of the West gotten that much better? Or have they given up on Avery?

4. Jerry Jones is pursuing "Pacman" Jones. He seems to be in a one-man bidding war, because no one else seems to want the guy. Jerry appears to have a man-crush on trouble-makers (see T. O. and Tank Johnson). Would the Cowboys' acquiring Pacman be a good thing or a bad thing?

5. Next week is the most exciting tournament in golf -- the Masters. That course is what heaven must look like. It looks like every blade of grass is cut to perfection. And the azaleas are always beautiful. Does anybody want to bet against Tiger Woods?

6. Any time I write anything about golf on MY blog, I have to endure a couple of NASCAR comments. So, I might as well throw something out there about the great sport of auto racing. How many gallons of fuel will be wasted this next race as people watch cars go around in a circle?


Anonymous said...

Rick, I am certainly no sports expert either. I do think that the owners of the teams play a large role in how well they seem to do. However I don't think you could argue that Cuban is any less enthusiastic than he was last year, so what do I know?

Poor NASCAR. I mean cars with pushrod V8's from the 1950's? Please. Somebody please tell me why our local newspaper has an entire page deovted to this? Surely our community would benefit from something cultural. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

I feel like one of Job's miserable comforters ... "sit and listen to my wisdom."

1. I don't know why. It's just fun.
2. Baseball needs salary caps!
3. The who???
4. Bad thing.
5. Ahhh, the Masters. I have a friend who recently moved to Augusta (minister) and he doesn't even play golf!
6. All I can say is ... at least you are including NASCAR on a sports blog. Josh will chime in on this one.

Rick Ross said...

I wasn't criticizing those who get caught up in March Madness. I'm really a little jealous.

As to your response on number 3: The Who was a rock band that is now famous for the theme songs to all (?) of the CSI shows:)

Kevin said...

In regards to #6:

a) Why doesn't the EPA put emissions limitations on those guys like they do the equipment used for building and food production (they produce TONS of junk)

b) to answer your question: TOO MUCH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't take it as a criticism. I really don't know why I enjoy it.

Great come back with the Who.

I want to know what Kevin REALLY thinks about NASCAR (jk).

Jonathan said...

As for the Rangers, is it an insult to the rest of the league to have the word "ace" next to Kerry Millwood. Why can a team not admit that they don't have an ace rather than tag a pitcher who would not crack the top 3 of any other team in the league as their ace.

As for the Mavs, the rest of the league has definitely improved (Hornets, Lakers, Suns, Rockets, Jazz) but there has still be a slide for the Mavs as well. Hopefully we can get that 7th or 8th seed and battle. It does seem like a year when anything could happen.

Jeff said...

March Madness may be the best sporting event there is. 3 weeks, 64 teams, billions of advertising dollars. It's magic...and, the players are not overpaid, spoiled brats yet.

Give the Rangers time. Not everyone wins their first game. If they can win 3 on the road in the first stretch, there will be hope. Josh Hamilton may be the feel-good story of the year.

Mavs-schmavs. Overpaid. Overhyped. Over-Cubaned. Who cares?

Pacman and Jerry. A perfect combination.

How much fuel is blown on mowers for all the golf courses in the world? Wow.

The fact that NASCAR and Joe T's are mentioned in your blog in the same week is almost miraculous.

At least in your golfing spot, you didn't mention having a beer and a cigar.

Anonymous said...

If you weren't such a Tony Stewart fan, we would probably get along great!

Lawnmowers. Leaf blowers. Edgers. Tree trimmers. Golf carts. HA HA HA!!

Rick Ross said...

Do you two REALLY want to get into an argument about whether lawn equipment that is sustaining and encouraging oxygen-producing plants compares to race cars that probably get -- what -- a mile a gallon? And in return we get, what -- more concrete and burned rubber?

I would suggest you start your own blog dedicated to NASCAR.

Jeff said...

If I may paraphrase scripture, it is said that in a race, all drivers try to win, so we should all race as to win the price. That's in the JNIV version (Jeff's NASCAR International Version). I don't remember reading anything about walking around chasing a little white ball.

Just a thought.

Kyle R. said...

Maybe all you golf and NASCAR fans should just give those two sports up and concentrate on hunting and fishing:)