Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Prayer. . . Rosie

Thanks, Kyle, for responding to my blog yesterday. I don't know if the lack of responses to the subject of prayer speaks more about how few people read my blog or to how difficult a discipline prayer is. I prefer to think it is a lack of readership.

I don't know about you, but I think the toughest thing about prayer is distractions. That's no doubt why Jesus suggested going into one's "closet" to pray. It removes the distractions. I have loved times when I can be away from all that and just be with the Lord. I used to love to hunt for that reason. Sitting under a pine tree in East Texas on a cool Fall afternoon. Just me and the Lord -- those were special times.

One week from today is tax day. Fortunately, my tax preparers insist that I have my stuff in by mid-March. So, I submitted it in late February, and am now waiting for my refund. There are things I procrastinate about, but I must confess to finding humor in seeing lines at the post office at midnight on April 15.

Here is some late-breaking, shocking news: Rosie O'Donell was on GMA this morning. In her expert opinion, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should run on the ticket together to (these are her words) "save our democracy."

She has written a childrens' book (I know you parents of little ones are lined up this morning for this one). Can you imagine what she must be like at home when she goes into one of those outbursts of anger? She and her lesbian lover are raising four children. She has made a fortune off of being on TV, and yet she does not allow her kids to watch it. There seems to be some irony there.

Who's next with a childrens' book? Howard Stern?

This is enough to get us all on our knees.


Anonymous said...

I'm guilty. I read your blog but did not respond. Some days it's harder to respond than others. Yesterday was a toughy.

AHHH. Tax day. Fairtax anyone?

I really wish networks would quit thinking Rosie represents the values of their audience. I assume you made a parenthetical remark because you understand that we are not a democracy ... but a republic. I encourage those who don't know the difference to google it. I assure you, Rosie and her following don't want a republic.

There's my rant.

Rick Ross said...

No, I am not that up on my political science. I made the parenthetical statement because -- even if you disagree with the current administration, it seems absurd to suggest that we are becoming fascist as the Hollywood crowd loves to say.

I would not like to see the fair tax, as they call it. It would certainly benefit the rich. I think my own personal tax would escalate a lot under the "fair tax" proposals I have seen. Of course, as a minister the housing allowance would be nixed.

That's just my opinion.

Jonathan said...

WHAT? Howard Stern is writing a children's book? When does it come out? When does it come out? Stop with-holding this information?

Josh Ross said...

Didn't respond because I was in Detroit.

Great game last night, huh?

randy said...

I read your blog regularly but rarely post. It's difficult to be alone with just God - sometimes it happens for me on my commute. It is long past time to pray for our republic.

Kyle R. said...

I think there are many that read your blog and just choose not to respond or post comments. I wish more would respond. It would enrich the discussion. Sometimes it's just a matter of having time to blog. Some days there is more time than others to be a blogging. Ergo, I am responding at 9:30pm.

Distractions are definitely a problem for me. But I often find even when I am "in my closet," my mind wanders easily to begin thinking about other things. I am often guilty of my mind trying to solve a problem I am praying about instead of listening and/or waiting for the Lord's answer.

I totally agree about the quiet times during hunting. This is one reason I love hunting. Many don't understand that aspect of hunting and praising and praying.

I don't really even worry about getting my tax info ready by the 15th because my CPA always files an extension.

I thought a democracy and a republic are the same thing.