Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Mishmash

I'm blogging a little later than usual this morning. Beverly and I were at the hospital in Grapevine until fairly late seeing our newest "grandson." Yes, Jody and Rachel Adams had their baby a couple of weeks early. He is beautiful, and they look like naturals as parents already. Calvin and Virginia were beaming!

I have a feeling this baby (named Clayton) may make Guinness' Book of World Records as the most spoiled baby in history. However, he has a pretty high bar set by our grandkids (Beverly is a spoiler par excellant).

I got to play golf again Saturday at Vaquero. What a treat that is! I feel guilty with the way I am treated out there. I think I am the only person who says "thank you" to the wait-staff. They are unbelievable. On the range, you finish with a club, and someone is there to clean it for you. People are constantly coming up asking if you want something to drink. No tipping is allowed.

My friend who invited me said you would not believe how many of the members complain about the conditions and service. I'm going, "HUH?" I guess some people will complain about heaven, too!

Isn't it amazing what a sincere compliment can do for you? Last night, one of our deacons came to me and said some of the kindest things about Beverly and me and how much he appreciates us. Kind words are SO energizing.

I sometimes wonder about words I speak -- especially to our young people. I know that words spoken to me by individuals from church when I was a teenager made a big difference in my life. I want to be that difference-maker to others, too.


Anonymous said...

I am finally going to get to play golf later this week. A 6 month layoff.....I hope I forgot all my bad habits.

About compliments. I make it a practice that when a worker is polite (i.e. cashier, fast-food restaurant, etc...) I let them know how much I appreciate it. It really catches them off guard!

Jeff said...

I hear Vaquero is super nice. I got to play at Mira Vista several years ago and they had attendants that did similar stuff. I felt way out of place but enjoyed it.

I'm really enjoying the sermon series right now. I'm thankful you are willing to use your gift to share the message with us.

randy said...

Isn't it amazing what a few words of encouragement make? I'm not real sure I'd spend much time worrying about people complaining about heaven. Continual complainers are likely to be few and fur between.