Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Midweek Miscellaneous

My father-in-law, Billie Jones, is back in the hospital this morning. He has a case of pneumonia. I love to hear him interact with the nurses, and hope if I ever find myself in the situation that he is in that I will be like him. He never loses his sense of humor.

The way things have been over the last couple of months, they need to just leave that plastic wrist band on him:)

So far this season, American Idol has gone according to script. America has done a good job in its voting, in my opinion. Last night, Carrie and Michael and Brook turned in the weakest performances. I am looking for Carrie to be voted off this week.

David Cook, the frontrunner, turned in a mediocre performance. I think David Archileta (sp?) took the driver's seat back this week.

The results will not be until Thursday night this week.

I love Randy Galloway's headline this morning after the Rangers' season opener yesterday. It says, "Home Opener Went Well Until Game Got Started." Not a good start for Mesquite star Jason Jennings, as Baltimore won 8-1. He went to high school with my daughter at Mesquite Poteet.

Tomorrow's the big day: The Masters. One of the greatest Masters' in my memory was in 1986 when Jack Nicklaus, at the age of 46, tore the back 9 up on Sunday to win his 6th green jacket. Hard to believe that was 22 years ago.

The line on Tiger is 6 to 5 (unbelieveable!). Next is Phil Mickleson at 10 to 1. Tiger is so far ahead in world rankings right now that if you split his ranking, he would still be #1 and #2.

Can't wait to see my oldest grandson Friday! He called me yesterday and said, "Hi, Rick!" Jonathan said when he prays at night and they get to me, he says "Gobble, gobble, gobble!" (You can supply whatever joke you want here). He is trying to say Grampy -- I think. But I don't even care if he calls me "Gobble."


Josh Ross said...

I'm still not a believer in Archuleta. I like David Cook and Syesha. She rocked last night, though Randy hated on her.

Anonymous said...

Hey turkey (gobble). There are a couple of contestants I like. Kristy has really turned up her performances in the past couple of weeks - and last night (I thought) was great. That may be because I'm a huge Martina McBride fan.

I'm with Josh on Archuleta. I'm not a big fan.

Rick Ross said...

Rereading my blog, I left the impression that I think Archuleta will win. I personally like him -- his wholesomeness. But I agree -- I don't think he is a shoe-in to win. I was just referring to this week.

And is it just me, or is Jason Castro getting really stale?

Jeff said...

Maybe the gobble, gobble, gobble thing is what got the blood pressure going up.

Is the Masters associated with the sport that has all the mowers and other lawn products running every day and taking water just to keep grass green?

I won't watch a second of it but will be pulling for Mickelson as always.

Regarding your prayer post, one other option is that everyone reading it went to pray without responding. Tough questions are sometimes harder to answer but need to be asked.

Jonathan said...

who is carrie? me and jenn just crack up laughing every time he just says gobble, gobble, gobble. it is really funny.

randy said...

It is spring turkey season and you've got a future hunter there.