Thursday, April 24, 2008

Carly's Gone

A bit of a surprise on American Idol last night. Carly got cut. I was really expecting it to be Brooke this week. I think she was expecting it too.

Carly has one of the better voices of all the contestants. But that full-arm tatoo and her angry-rock style may have turned voters off. I would like to think her choice of the blasphemous "Jesus Christ, Superstar" may have had something to do with her lack of votes this week (I kind of doubt it).

How must it feel to be Brooke, Syesha and Jason at this point? Does anyone really doubt that the last two standing will be David Cook and David A?


Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

I don't doubt it will be those two in the end. I kind of wish that they could just eliminate two at a time now so that we can get to that point. All the rest of it just seems like a waste of time right now. The others have to be expecting it each week.

Anonymous said...

I looked at Dianne as Carly was announced and said something like, "they're just picking them off one at a time until it's David vs. David." I don't really think the order matters, everyone knows who the last two standing "ought" to be.

By the way, Carly looked like she was gothic last night.

Jeff said...

Does it really matter? I mean, if 24 isn't coming on this year is there really any reason to watch TV? I don't know what to do with myself when Jack's not shooting all the bad guys in the world. I might as well just watch replays of the Rangers since every game is the same this year. Maybe Jack needs to play baseball or wipe out the Rangers management and replace them with good people.

That's my rant for the day. As Rangers fans of the 80's would have said, I'm mad too, Eddie.

Rick Ross said...

All I know is with "24" off for over a year, there are a lot more bad guys around. That's a scary thought. Jack will have to work "28" next year.