Tuesday, April 15, 2008

God is Good!

Beverly and I are truly amazed at the ways in which God is blessing us right now -- affirming that we are where He wants us to be. Last night Beverly had her annual fundraiser for Wise County Christian Counseling (check out her website at www.wiseccc.org). We had a packed house! It was wonderful to have my daughter and her friend there. And a surprise blessing was to have our friends Tommy and Jennifer Maddox, who helped to make this ministry a reality, in attendance and at our table. It was just and incredible evening! I am SO proud of my wife.

Our journey has been an interesting one. When we married, Beverly thought she was getting a man who would be involved in marketing, and I thought I was getting a homemaker. After about 5 years of marriage, I went to work for Amoco Oil -- working a swing shift in the refinery in Texas City. A few years later, the Lord pulled me toward ministry -- and with that, Beverly went back to finish her teaching degree.

By our 13th year of marriage, I was in full-time ministry and Beverly was teaching school. Things stayed that way for about 11 years. Then, she went back to get her Masters degree in counseling (intending to use it in school teaching) -- and fell in love with it.

So, here we are now. I have been in ministry 20 years this June -- and love it more today than I ever have. And Beverly is doing counseling -- with unbelievable success rates. She is SO gifted.

That's why I say that I think God has brought all of this together, and just continually affirms to us His purpose for us here. And we are SO at peace with that. Thank you, Father! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

It constantly amazes me what will happen when we allow God to lead us. When I married I wasn't a practicing Christian. I hit rock bottom! God brought a godly influence into my life that eventually helped me see my dilemma. Then, when Dianne saw the changes in me, she wanted God in her life too. That's when you baptized her.

God is SO good!

Rick Ross said...


I love seeing the way God has led you and Dianne to where you are. You guys are a great couple!

Kyle R. said...

Last night was indeed was good because God is indeed good. I never get tired of seeing how the Lord is working in healing and reconciliation.

Kyle R. said...

sorry for the double "was"

Josh Ross said...

Wish I could have been there.

Beverly Ross said...

Great night! What a blessing to be part of such an amazing ministry! I am extremely humbled by all the support! Thanks for the shout out!