Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What Would You Do?

I love snow! There is something so peaceful about watching it fall. It's almost gone already, but the 2 inches or whatever we got last night was nice. I was resigned to the fact that we weren't going to see any snow this year. So I thanked the Father this morning for its beauty.

Beverly and I watched a new show last night called "What Would You Do?" It was interesting, as it sets people up to deal with ethical and moral questions -- as well as some that are just funny. The funny ones are like if a person has a piece of spinach stuck in his/her teeth, would you tell them?

One of the situations was of some teenage girls who were unmercifully tearing down another girl in a park. They were calling her a loser, telling her she was ugly, pushing her and doing things with her hair (all the girls were actors). But hidden cameras were filming bypassers' reactions. What would you do? Some women stopped to intervene. One man told them to stop or he would call the police. The commentator mentioned that more women intervened than men. I'm not sure that particular setting was a fair assessment of what men or women would do. For a man to intervene in a park with teenage girls is a setup for a sexual harassment charge.

What would you do?

In another scene, a woman came into a donut shop outside of Waco dressed in Islamic wear (an actor). The clerk (an actor) told her that he didn't serve her kind. He told her to get on her camel and go back to her homeland. He claimed he was a true American. Amazingly, some people cheered him on. One man even chimed in with him against the woman. Fortunately, most of the people turned on the man. Several said they would never be back to that establishment.

What would you do?

Interesting. As we consider what we would do, we need to ask ourselves, "What would jesus do?"


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the show. After what you described I wish I would have. Sounds like a lot of good sermon illustrations.


Rick Ross said...

I think it is going to be a weekly show. In fact, I think it is on tonight on ABC (Primetime: What would you do). The one Beverly and I watched last night was actually DVRed from last week.

randy said...

It seems to me that I could live a lot worse than just tasking myself in every situation to do as I believe the Lord would do.