Monday, March 03, 2008

Hillary's Ad Campaign

The Mavs are now 4-3 with Jason Kidd. They have not beaten a team with a winning record. They played competitive games against San Antonio and LA, but I don't think competitive games is what they were hoping for.

I don't ever want to use the pulpit for political purposes. And I really don't want this blog to become that either. Even as I express views from time to time, I hope that the reader does not know who I am actually voting for.

However (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) I will make it obvious today who I am NOT voting for. I don't get Hillary's new ad campaign. It is a scare tactic that was used by Barry Goldwater back in the 60s. The basic premise is: Who do you want answering the phone if a crisis call is made to the White House?

1. I voted for George Bush in the last campaign. I must admit, I have been disappointed in him. But while the popular thing to do these days is to bash him over everything he does -- let's give him credit: There has not been another attack on America.

2. Out of the remaining three legitimate contenders for president (Clinton, Obama and McCain), Hillary is the last one of those I would want answering that phone. I just don't see her shrill voice steering us through a crisis.

It just seems like this ad campaign will work against her. Does she think that since Obama did not vote to go to war in Iraq -- that would mean that he could not lead us through a crisis. That is the obvious implication. But it just seems to me that given the choice between those two -- America would not choose her.

This is not intended to be a political statement. Simply an observation of character and leadership skills. Agree or disagree?


Anonymous said...

I've seen Kidd play in person. He's fun to watch.

About Hillary vs. Obama. I imagine everyone who has read my posts in the past knows that, politically speaking, I lean to the right. This election will be no different.

You asked for opinions, so here's mine. When it comes down to who would be the better candidate between H and O, I would choose Hillary. Her voting record is more moderate than Obama's and her health care plan will never pass congress (yeah!).

Regardless of how the political pundits spin it, she does have more experience, and she is married to a former president (whom I NEVER voted for).

Obama is a "rock star". A lot of talent, but no substance.

randy said...

While I was reading your blog a polster called and asked whether I supported Hillary or Obama. My answer was "Not a chance!". He promtly got off the line. If the choice were between Hillary and Obama I would vote for Ron Paul. To anyone who has followed Ms. Clinton's career, her lack of character/leadership should come as no surprise.

Josh Ross said...

I'm worried about the Mavs. Luckily, they still have some time to get it together.

Gonna stay away from the 2nd part of your post. Good thoughts, though.