Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Quarterbacking

Yesterday's (Wednesday) Star-Telegram headline on the front page of the Fort Worth section said it would be a while before we saw any snow again. Yep. 48 whole hours. In Jack Bauer's hours, that is a long time. The weather service is predicting that we will get 3 inches tonight and into tomorrow morning.

I mentioned the top quarterbacks in the game yesterday, and realized as I wrote it that the question I asked was a no-brainer. The talk on ESPN sports yesterday was this: Who are the top 5 quarterbacks in history? THAT is a tough question -- with lots of opinion involved. So, take part in my poll. Who would you say are the top 5 EVER? It's hard because some quarterbacks might not have been so good had they not been surrounded by a good team (Terry Bradshaw comes to mind). Others might have been great, but were stuck with mediocre teams (Dan Marino, for instance). One important characteristic to me is how the individual elevated his team to a new level.

Here is my list (I admit a bias):
1. Joe Montana (GREAT leader)
2. Johnny Unitas (Elevated the position of quarterback to what it is today)
3. Troy Aikman (probably should be lower, but I just love the guy. May be the most pinoint-accurate passer ever. Great leader)
4. Bret Favre (gotta love him!)
5. Peyton Manning

I know, there are many I left off. This is really hard! I grew up idolizing Roger Staubach, and now he doesn't even make my list. But his career was not all that long. He was a great champion, though. And Elway, Bradshaw (5 Super Bowl rings), Brady (needs more time), Moon. Wow.

So take the challenge. And John: Tell Eric not to EVEN bring up Mark Brunell.


Anonymous said...

I would agree with your list of greats. Instead of listing my top 5, which would take me a LONG time, please allow me to just add to your list of possibilities.

1. Steve Young (I was always worried when he was flushed from the pocket).
2. Joe Theismann (yuck, puke, choke)
3. Bart Starr

Your list of others include some that I would list (Elway for sure).

Jeff said...

My list would be based on how well I liked them when they played. I would have to think Unitas, Starr and O'Brien make the cut on many lists but I would list Staubach and Elway in my top-5. Montana would have to be there too. I look at Manning and Brady the same way - two of the greats but still too new to add to the list. Aikman would probably make my list because I think he did a good job leading some wild childs.

Beverly Ross said...

I'm not a prolific sports analayst but I know who I really like.
1. Roger
2. Peyton
3. Troy
4. Terry
(that's all I can think of - boohoo)

Jonathan said...

1. Troy Aikman
2. Roger Staubach
3. Tony Romo
4. Quincy Carter
5. Chad Hutchinson (just didn't have long enough to make it higher on the list)