Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Defrauded By Priceline.com

I have never used this space for anything like this before. Yesterday I was making some travel arrangement for our trip to Alaska in July-August. We are going on a cruise with Calvin and Virginia Buchanan. We are arriving in Vancouver, BC a day early and staying a day afterward, so we needed a hotel.

I bid on a hotel and got one at the airport, which is actually in Richmond, BC (catch that because it is important to the development of this story). There was a link on the page for rent cars, so I clicked on it -- since we would need one before and after the cruise. It showed me what was available at Richmond Airport. I bid on a car and got it.

After I printed my reservation, I noticed that the cars would be available in Richmond, VA. I had never entered that at all. This was something that the website prompted. So I called Hertz and they told me they could do nothing about it. They said to call Priceline. I called Priceline and was treated with the most condescending of attitudes by the "customer service" agent. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and received more of the same.

I know what their policies are -- which they robotically reminded me of about a dozen times. But this was THEIR error. I was not asking for any money back. All I wanted them to do was transfer my cars from Richmond, VA (their creation) to Richmond, BC. I found them to be totally unreasonable. They told me that I could cancel my TWO reservations for $50 each. By the way, that was my bid for the cars. They were totally unwilling to do anything else.

So, I have paid $100 for nothing. I am not saying that I held no responsibility here, but I feel like this was totally unreasonable. I will NEVER use Priceline again, and I encourage you to do the same. If you do use them, be very careful. I think this practice is extremely deceptive. They could have their computers change something like the states letters, and even though you review your order -- this is something that can easily be missed. Result? They get your money without offering any service. And probably have many people who just turn around and bid again. Quite a gimmick.

I will be trying another website in the future -- perhaps hotwire,com. But there is one I will never use again -- priceline.com. They and their atheist pitchman WIlliam Shatner have lost my business for good.


Anonymous said...

Try expedia. I have used them and never had any problems.

Rick Ross said...

I have used travelocity and orbitz with good results, too. However you can get cheaper rates when you bid on sites like priceline and hotwire.

But it doesn't end up being cheaper when you get defraued of $100.

Anonymous said...

Rick, the customer is never right. Always, always, always remember that you are an idiot and you know nothing. Never ever expect to receive fair treatment. See? Doesn't that make you feel better? I knew it would.


Josh Ross said...

For a big time preacher like you, that is pocket change.

Rick Ross said...

Josh, you are SO funny. Ha-ha-ha.

Fortunately, I can afford to eat the $100. But it is the principle of the thing. If it was $10 it would be nearly as annoying.

Jeff said...

Did you mention to the agent that you , as a preacher, had a hotline to God and would use it if they didn't change your city issue?

Next thing we'll know, you will be preaching "priceline liberation theology" and saying dirty words from the pulpit about what should happen to priceline.

I suggest vacationing in Wise County. What could be better?

Kyle R. said...

MAybe these tactics by priceline explain why their stock price has held strong.:)

Anonymous said...

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