Friday, March 07, 2008

Birthday Shoutout

Nine inches of snow! Who would have believed it? It is SO beautiful. Yesterday morning about 11, I had to run to Fort Worth to pick up some books for Beverly. I thought I would beat the storm home, since the weathermen had said it would hit late afternoon. Well, I ended up coming home in the worst of it. By the time I got home, we already had 5 inches on the ground. Incredible!

__ years ago today, a little girl was born into this world in Pasadena, Texas. Who could have warned the world of what it was in store for? She was born with a heart for people -- a compassion that is extremely rare. And she was born with an energy level that would allow her to pour herself into the lives of people -- and rarely become tired. She bore three incredible children -- and instilled in them a love for the Lord and the things of the Lord that causes me to stand back in amazement. She has loved her man like no one ever could for 31 years. She has been at the top of her profession as a homemaker (14 years), a teacher (12 years) and a marriage and family therapist (6 years). She has mentored women into intimate relationships with the Lord. She is equally gifted in teaching a large group or investing herself one-on-one. And as a Grandmother (Grammy), she has no rival. Her love for the Lord is absolutely contagious. I know, because I caught it from her.

All this to say: Beverly, you are my hero. I am SO blessed of the Lord. So, I hope that today is an incredibly rewarding day for you. Happy Birthday, my precious bride.


randy said...

I'm continually amazed by how many ministers, elders, deacons, leaders in the church are inspired by a Godly wife. I'm blessed to count myself among them.

Beverly Ross said...

Thank you so much, Honey-bunny! Your words melt my heart! I am blessed!

Kyle R. said...

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Beverly.
Happy birthday to you.

Kyle and Shelly

Anonymous said...