Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Practicing the Word

This morning as I met with a group of guys the discussion turned to how we, as churches, lay out the truths of the Word -- but seem to have a difficulty in making those truths practical. It does seem to me that the expectations of the American church have been far too low. Leadership in many churches is satisfied if a large percentage of their flock "attend services." Yet even as they attend services, thoughts can be far away on those things that are carnal or worldly.

How do we translate the Word into our lives? I think it helps for it to be modeled. We who have been following Jesus for a while need to be mentors. Instead of talking politics, sports and TV -- we need to talk more about struggles, cross-living and the pursuit of God.

Any ideas as to how to make the Word "flesh"? I would be interested in feedback.


Anonymous said...

I believe we can best mentor when we learn to be honest with others about who we are. Unfortunately there is still the perception that ministers are somehow higher in the pecking order than the attendees. I am working hard to break that mold.

When others see how I respond to the same struggles and problems that they face, then I think I have a greater opportunity to introduce them to my power source, the Word.

I don't know if that's what you were asking, but it's what came to mind as I read your comments.

Jeff said...

I can speak for myself to say that I simply need to let my walls down. I try to maintain the facade that I have it all together when I never do. I'm afraid to discuss my failings for what other people will think of me and I bet they are afraid to do the same with me (whoever "they" are). I would like to lay out some good ideas but the only one I can muster is for me to start working on me.

With regard to the ministerial pecking order, I think a minister/NASCAR fan deserves to be exalted just a little bit.