Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watching the Diet

I stayed home yesterday and tried to just relax. My blood pressure has been escalated for a few days, and I thought it might help to have a "chill" day. I have tried to get in to see my doctor, but they are moving offices and their phone is out of service.

While I was home, I finished reading a novel by Francene Rivers. I finished the 2nd in a 3-book trilogy. It is the story of the movement of faith in the generation after the resurrection of Jesus. She really pulls you into the lives of a handful of characters, and the 2nd book's ending had me crying (I don't cry easily).

Tiger did it again! I never would have thought I would see a golfer better than Jack Nicklaus come along. But we are watching one right now. He comes to the 72nd hole needing two putts to force a playoff. So what's he do? Drains a 25 footer to win! And the scary part is -- everyone expected him to do it!

We are getting some much-needed rain today. Already had over an inch and a half, and it's still pouring. It has been wonderful!

I am really trying to watch what I eat more closely (no smart comments here, please). Realizing I need more fiber, I have been eating homemade granola over some low-fat vanilla yogurt for breakfast each morning. It is really good. We got the recipe when we were at a bed-n-breakfast in Kennebunk, Maine year before last.

I'm also TRYING to eat more grilled stuff instead of fried. I'm actually finding that I like it. In fact, one of THE best out-to-eat meals I have had in a long time was last week at Cheddar's. I got their grilled talapia topped with grilled shrimp. It was absolutely delicious. If it wasn't 30 minutes away, I would have gone back for more!

Any suggestions for tasty food that's heart-healthy?


Kyle R. said...

I love homemade granola too. I really like grilled and baked fish, and talapia is one of the best.

We won't count that fried catfish we had the other day.:)

Rick Ross said...


Come to think of it, that's when my blood pressure seemed to have escalated. What did you put in that batter? It sure was good, though.

Jeff said...

Isn't heart-healthy and tasty one of those oxymoron thingies?

While Frilly's isn't one of my top-10 seafood places, their grilled tilapia, salmon and mahi is good enough.

I love to grill shrimp too.

Anonymous said...

I have had to change my diet too. I never thought I would drink diet cola, but now I don't like regular cola.

Smart Balance has some good products. We love their butter. I also like their pop-corn (red box).

Grilled fish, steamed broccoli, brown rice - makes me hungry just thinking about it.

randy said...

I'm right there with you on the grilled tilapia. Baked venison is highly recommended.