Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I'm going to miss Bret Favre. Professional sports needs more athletes like him. He was easy for everyone to relate to. He never lost his childlike passion for the game. He seems to be an incredible family man. He has known the struggle of battling through addictions -- and winning.

And the records! He leaves the game as #1 in yards, attempts, completions, TD passes, wins and, yes, interceptions. That is pretty much every quarterback record. Amazing!

I wonder if Tony Romo is sorry he didn't wait and test the free agent market. Certainly after watching Ben Roethlisberger sign for more than double his contract, he might be having second thoughts. Jerry Jones is probably feeling pretty smug. I would hardly rank Ben in the top 5 quarterbacks in the game.

Who would be your top two quarterbacks in the game right now? Mine would be Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Is that too no-brainer a question?


Anonymous said...

Andre Ware and Ryan Leaf

Jeff said...

Tom and Peyton are a little too easy.

I'm banking on Brian Griese to make a great comeback now that he's with Jon Gruden again. I think JaMarcus Russell and Oakland may be ready for a Super Bowl run too.

Tom and Peyton? Come on. Can't you see they are washed up has-been's?

OK, maybe I would take them for my team.

Jonathan said...

I would say Tony Romo, and then probably Tom Brady or Peyton Manning (but what have they every done)