Friday, February 01, 2008

February Blues

It's February 1st. My guess is that if a vote were taken on what your least favorite month of the year is, it would either be January or February. So maybe it's a good thing that February is so short.

Do you know why it is the shortest month? In the western world, we go by the Julian Calendar -- established by Julius Caesar. July is named after him, and it has 31 days. August had been named for his successor, Augustus Caesar. August had only 30 days, and that did not sit well with the new emperor. How could he allow Julius' month to have more days that his? So he took a day away from February so that his month would also have 31 days.

I wonder why he chose February though? Why not January or May or March or October or December that already had 31 days?


Beverly Ross said...

Very, very interesting! I did not know it - or at least I forgot if I did. That's one of the sweet parts about getting holding - even old info seems new!!!!

Josh Ross said...

You made all that up. :)

Never thought of which months I don't like.

Jeff said...

I don't like August. It's HOT and HUMID. July would be next on my least favorite months except for the time I spend in Colorado. I'm OK with the rest of the year and my mama was born in February so watch what month you mess with.

Kyle R. said...

August is my least favorite as well. Way too hot. I like February. It's one of the best months of winter fishing.