Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let There Be Light!

I have heard people commenting about how dark it was getting in our auditorium because a number of lights were burned out. I had not really noticed it -- until last night. A few of our men have been changing the bulbs out. They had to rent a cherry picker in order to do it. Well, they were close to being finished last night and we had a baptism. When they turned on the lights -- it was unbelievably bright in there! My face felt like Moses' face must have felt at the burning bush (I'm just kidding). Someone told me I might want to wear sunglasses to preach Sunday morning.

I found Tom Brady's off-the-cuff comments during media day for the Super Bowl to be enlightening. There were some women in the audience with posters that said, "Tom, Will You Marry Me?" He said (not a quote, but a paraphrase): "I already have several Mrs. Bradys."


This weekend Beverly and I are going to be with the Crockett church for a marriage retreat. This is the church with which I began my ministry 20 years ago this year. What a special place they hold in my heart. I look forward to being with dear, life-long friends. It's hard to believe that I have been gone from there for 15 years. My friend Rick Kelley has been preaching there for over 11 years now! Wow, time is moving on. By the way, his wife's name is Beverly, he has a daughter named Jennifer and a son-in-law named David. If he ends up with grandkids named Malaya or Jedidiah or Truitt, I'm going to think I am in the Twilight Zone (Nu-ne-nu-nu, nu-ne-nu-nu).


Beverly Ross said...

I am excited about the weekend too! I love anytime we can be with the Crockett group - such sweet memories!

Josh Ross said...

I can never bring myself to say, "Go Giants!" I am just hoping for a good game.

Have a blast in Crockett.

Jeff said...

I hope you have a great weekend in Crockett. As my mom always tells me, put your seatbelt on and be careful.

Rick Ross said...


I can't believe I am saying, "Go, Giants" either. It makes my mouth feel dirty. But I guess that shows how much I DON'T want the Patriots to win.

Jonathan said...

with this superbowl, i am rooting for the team i hate the least, not the team i like the most. therefore, because we do not have a great history together i am placing my endorsement (that seems to be the popular thing these days) behind the, drumroll please, New England Patriots. the giants will never be rooted for by this man.