Thursday, February 21, 2008

Idol and Golf

Beverly and I have been watching American Idol as we multitask on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. She is usually doing job related computer work and I am usually reading. But it seems to me that there is better talent this year than in years past. Of course we already have our favorites.

Tiger Woods keeps adding to his legendary career. I was working out yesterday afternoon before church and watched one of the most incredible comebacks I've ever seen. He is really incredible.

This week they are playing the Accenture Match Play championship. There needs to be more match play tournaments in professional golf. They are fun to watch. Anyway, it is bracketed -- with 64 golfers playing 32 matches. I took two copies of the bracket home at lunch yesterday, and Beverly and I each filled one out. Well, guess what? She drummed me! She had 23 wins and 9 loses. I had 19 wins and 13 loses. Maybe I can catch up in round two.

I was cracking up as I listened to her reasoning in her choices. "I don't like Rory Sabbatini (who was a 3rd seed)." So she picked his opponent -- who won!

She's being a real good sport about it. Hasn't rubbed it in at all. Other than telling her ladies' class last night. And constantly telling me that she will be glad to help me with my picks.


Jeff said...

Woohoo...go Bev!

Jonathan said...

mom knows her sports. i would watch out during round 2 because if mom saw any of round 1, she will pick by who wore the nicest outfit or made sure to shake hands with their opponent AND caddy after the round. she has her strategy.

Josh Ross said...

Just take her to the course and challenge her to 18!