Friday, February 08, 2008

News of the Week

Interesting items in the news this week:

1. Mitt Romney postpones his campaign. This came as a huge surprise to me. I guess he figured he had won all the states he had a shot at. This is leaving much of the Republican party in a quandry, since they have been so critical of John McCain. Seems that he is just not conservative enough for many.

2. Bobby Knight resigns from Texas Tech mid-season. Here's a guy who has always been so hard on his players about not giving their all -- and he just quits. I don't know, maybe there is something going on in his personal life. I thought Jay Leno's comments were funny. Explaining why Knight walked away: "He said he wants to spend more time throwing furniture at his own family." Then Leno added, "You could tell he was a little old . . . like last week, he threw a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed."

3. Willie Nelson has come out saying that we have all been fooled by our government about 9-11. He said that it was not foreign terrorists who committed those atrocities. He believes that the buildings were imploded. I think Willie has been smoking the loco weed way too long.

4. Nolan Ryan has accepted the job as President of the Texas Rangers. Bless your heart, Nolan. You are a cult hero in Texas. And you want this to be a part of your legacy? Just a thought: Maybe Nolan will come out of retirement. I bet even at his age, he could improve the Rangers' pitching staff.

5. If you want to see a cute video (golfers will especially like it), go to and enter "Tiger Traps." Then watch the video. I am coming out of the closet to admit something today: If I have a man-crush, it is for Tiger Woods. Not only is he an incredible athlete, he is just a good person.


Josh Ross said...

Blogs like this could take the place of Good reporting. Your take on Nolan Ryan cracked me up.

Stone Cold Button said...
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