Monday, February 11, 2008

Devo and Pebble

We hosted the junior high and high school devo at our house last night. It was wonderful to see nearly 40 kids singing praises to God. Of course, Beverly outdid herself in the food preparation department. I feel so blessed to be part of a church with such a great youth group. Obviously that reflects on the parents. But I give a lot of credit to Jacob and Heather, too (our youth minister and his wife). They are awesome!

I was watching the golf tournament for a while yesterday. It was at Pebble Beach. What a gorgeous place! About half of the holes actually run right along the Pacific coast -- with breakers crashing in down below. Sea lions were sunning on the rocks. Whales were surfacing. Wow!

Did you know that Pebble Beach is a public golf course? That's right. Of course, you have to get a tee time about a year in advance. The cost for a round of golf? $495 -- not including a cart.


Jeff said...

We are blessed with an incredible youth group.

Pebble Beach sounds nice but did you get to watch NASCAR on Saturday night? It was a great race and I enjoyed seeing Junior win with Tony close behind.

Anonymous said...

I will resist commenting on Jeff's remarks.

I did watch the Pebble Beach coverage, while flipping back and forth from another sporting event (oops).

While watching the tournament I commented to Dianne how beautiful the course was and how I would love to play it some day. Let's see if that seed blossoms into anything. I have my doubts, because her only response was, "Is that where they have all the earthquakes?"

Beverly Ross said...

I want to go to Pebble Beach!!!! It is beautiful!

randy said...

Parker County Sportman's Club - $125/year includes unlimited use of the rifle, pistol, skeet and trap ranges. While the Ocean doesn't quite reach to Parker County, membership does include a boat ramp at a pretty good bass lake.