Monday, February 04, 2008

A Super Super Bowl!

I guess you know what I am going to write about this morning. Yes, the Super Bowl. Wow! What a great game. I think I would have felt like that even if the Giants had lost. Eli Manning's scramble and throw to David Tyree will have to go down as one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history.

I want to walk up to Bill "the Unibomber" Belichick and say, "Cheaters never win. Na-ny-na-ny na-noo." But I guess since he has three Super Bowl rings and went 18-1 that wouldn't make much sense, would it?:)

I know that many Cowboy fans were rooting for New England because they could not bring themselves to root for one of Dallas' division foes. I guess I view that differently -- at least this year. This makes Dallas' loss to the Giants in the playoffs a little bit more palatable. They played them as well as the Patriots did. And they didn't just lose to a wildcard team. They lost to the hottest team going into the playoffs -- who eventually won the Super Bowl.

And how about Eli Manning and Coach Tom Coughlin? From goats to heroes in a matter of a few weeks. I saw Dion Sanders last night and they were talking about Coflin. Sanders just kept screaming, "Pay him! Pay the man!"

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I know I missed many of the commercials because we had Sunday night services. But it seemed like a pretty dud year. I had DVRed the game. Are there any commercials that I need to go back and watch? What's the deal with the fast food chains right now? It seems like they are all trying to be as sexually suggestive as they can be. From Taco Bell to Jack in the Box to Arby's. What's going on with that?


jross said...

Great game. It was one of the most exciting games I've seen. The commercials, for the most part, were duds. I thought the funniest was the tire commercial with the screaming squirrel.

Jonathan said...

i woke up this morning with new life. a new sports year begins. this comes on the heels of the worst sports year of my whole life. i cannot get much worse than 2007-2008. at least, i hope it can't.

jross said...

Just for you I will offer free online counseling. Session 1 would begin with something like: "You really ought to give NASCAR another look."

Let me know if you're interested.