Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fat Tuesday

Today is "Fat Tuesday." As I read more about church history, I gain a greater appreciation for why certain practices and traditions came into being. For instance, the season of "Lent." While certainly not a binding command, Lent has proven to be spiritually profitable for many. It is the idea of giving up something for the 40 days preceding Easter -- so that one can be reminded through that sacrifice of the supreme sacrifice of Jesus.

When I was growing up, the only people I knew who practiced Lent were Catholics. Among my friends, it was too often trivialized. "I'm giving up bubble gum." "I'm giving up Pepsi, but I'll drink Coke." Today, however, I know of many Christians who have begun practicing Lent. Certainly the spiritual discipline of fasting is encouraged in Scripture. And that is what Lent is; it is a form of fasting (giving up) for 40 days.

But today is Fat Tuesday. And for the life of me, I cannot figure this one out. It seems to be completely hedonistic. I have been unable to find any redeeming value in it. The premise is: "Tomorrow (Ash Wednesday) begins Lent. So, since we are going to be giving up something for 40 days, let's indulge ourselves today. And so, people get drunk, commit fornication and adultery, etc. Today is when the Mardi Gras parades take place. If you can see anything resembling Jesus in all of that, PLEASE let me know. I have to think that it breaks His heart every year to witness that -- and actually have people think He condones it.

So Bill "the Cheater" Belichick couldn't even hang around until the game was over. Did you see that Sunday night? I know there was only 1 second left -- and one more play to run. But the official was almost begging him to return to the sidelines, and he shoved him aside so he could get to the locker room and sulk. CLASSLESS. He is being roasted by the media, and for good reason. Professional sports needs less of this childish behavior.


Josh Ross said...

I am drinking my last Energy Drink today. I am thoroughly enjoying every sip. :)

As for Belichick, he should be taking flack. He deserves it.

Props to the Giants. They played great.

I still don't like Eli. His selfish, unethical stunt that he pulled at the draft payed off for him. I hope that future 1st round picks don't follow in his footsteps.

jross said...

Fat Tuesday - sounds like Jephthah's daughter.
No comment on Belichek. I'm just thrilled that the Patri-gods lost.

Jeff said...

Do you mean Bill Bellyache?

When I worked for a previous employer, we had a lady who was Catholic. I walked in one day and noticed a dark spot on her forehead. Being the good C of C guy that I am, I said, "hey, you've got some toner on your forehead." She responded that it was Ash Wednesday and then had to explain it to me. I tried to catch my boss because I knew he would say the same thing but I was too late. I walked up as they were laughing because he had mentioned the toner also.

jross said...

Jeff ... are you the congregation clown? This is not the first time I've cracked up at your response.