Monday, January 21, 2008

Super Weekend, Super Church, Super Man and Super Bowl

Our weekend with the girls went incredibly well. Beverly had cooked some wonderful meals, and we enjoyed hosting the reunion. The greatest treat was being able to be with our grandson Truitt for a few days. He is now 8 months old, and his personality is really blossoming. I had a blast with him!

Just in case anyone has forgotten how I feel: I LOVE our church! Every gathering is a time of encouragement for me.

Today we honor one of America's greatest: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He took on an America that was living in denial -- and confronted us with our illness. But he did it in such a humble way. He is one of my heroes in history. May God bless his legacy.

So the Super Bowl is set. New England and New York. I was sure hoping for Green Bay. But I will definitely be pulling for the Giants. Is anyone out there for New England and their philandering quarterback and Unibomber coach?


Jeff said...

At this point, I won't be watching the Toilet Bowl and hope it ends in a 0-0 tie. I guess I prefer NY to win of NE but I don't care for either team too much.

I bet the NY kicker wondered if he was going to be stripped and staked to the field if he didn't make that last kick.

I'm glad the girls survived and hope Truitt isn't too spoiled after the weekend.

Jonathan said...

Sadly, I will be rooting for the Patriots. I despise the Giants. I cannot think of a possible situation that I would ever root for them. The Giants, Redskins, and Eagles will never be rooted for by me.

Beverly Ross said...

I loved the weekend! What a blast!
I love our church family!
I appreciate MLK so much!!!
I am for the ????? No clue! Neither stands out as a favorite for me - boohoo! But I will watch because I like the SB.