Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Idol is Back

American Idol kicked off a new season last night in Philadelphia. At this point, Simon appears to have a softer side. I like these first shows of the season. There are some absolutely incredibly bad contestants. I know some of them know they are bad, but they just want their few seconds of fame. But some of them are terrible, and then act so surprised to find out they are.

There was a guy last night who said before his audition that he had a great bass voice that would really impress the judges. He then sang "Let My People Go." It was one of the most horrible (yet funny) auditions that I have ever seen. He really thought he was good. Randy had to take a piece of paper and cover his face, and turn his back to the guy because he was laughing so hard (I may be getting that part mixed up with another contestant).

Tonight they are in Dallas.

The critics hate this show, and to some extent I can understand. But you can't argue with the fact that the winners have sold over 20 million records. In six previous seasons, they have managed to find three superstars -- which I read is far above music industry percentages. I wonder if we would know who Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or Chris Daughtery are were it not for Idol?


Jeff said...

I still don't know the last person you mentioned. I'm not an AI fan but did want to watch it last night and may try to catch it tonight if I get back in time. I've seen one early episode before and got a few good laughs from it.

jross said...

I really liked that last girl (woman) who professed morals. It shocked the panel - but she wasn't ashamed. I hope/pray, if she makes it to the final 12, that she won't be polluted by the attention.

Beverly Ross said...

I wish I had asked you to tape it!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

I liked the girl with morals too, but Simon said that he would be able to bring her to the "dark side". I hope that's not true. Let's just hope the Texans are better.