Friday, January 04, 2008

The Iowa Caucuses

The natives appear to be getting restless. They are tired of "politics as usual." They are voting for "change." Thus, the winners of the Iowa caucus are Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee. What happened to Hillary Clinton and Rudy Gulliani -- who appeared to be running away with the nominations months ago? I must say, I am glad to see the way some of this appears to be shaking down.

But what are the changes people are hoping for? I can think of some. Better health care. Shoring up social security. Dealing with the situation in Iraq.

I guess I must confess to a bit of skepticism, however, as to any change that will happen in Washington. It's a machine that is fed by PACs -- that make what you or I want pale in comparison.

But we can always hope that "politics as usual" has taken notice. While PACs determine how our politicians vote, it's still we the people who put them in office. Let's hope they are listening.


Josh Ross said...

CHOO...CHOO!!! What is that noise? Oh, that is me on the Barak Obama train. :)

Josh Ross said...

Please read my first comment as the following:
-I like Obama. He seems to be the most honest of them all. His youth and charisma brings excitement to many peeople.
-I am not claiming to be a die-hard anything. First and foremost, I am a Christ-follower.
-I pray for God to raise up Christians within the Republican party that will influence that party, and I pray that God will raise up Christ-followers within the Democratic party that will influence that party.
-Most importantly, I want the Kingdom of God to come in this world.

Beverly Ross said...

It seems like so long before the actual elections - wow! I can't say I am sad about the choices Iowa made. Could be a very interesting year, huh? Excellent comment, Josh -- may we never lose or diminish our focus on the Kingdom of God.