Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Racist Comments?

At the risk of being misunderstood, I want to point out what appears to be an inconsistency here. Recently, one of the commentators on the golf channel was discussing how tour players might be able to beat Tiger Woods. She said something to the effect of they ought to take him into an alley and lynch him. No doubt, a bad choice of words. She called Tiger and apologized -- and he accepted her apology. He said he knows her and they are friends, and he has no doubt that she meant no animosity by her comments. Shouldn't that be the end of the story? No, Al Sharpton is calling for her to be fired.

In the presidential debate last night, a question was asked to Barack Obama about references to Bill Clinton being the "1st black president." Obama said that he would have to withhold judgment until he sees Clinton dance. Now I guarantee you that if a white person had said that -- he or she would be crucified by the media. And to some degree, I understand that. But I haven't heard anything from Al Sharpton.

A few years ago, Jesse Jackson referred to New York City as "hymie town" -- a direct insult to the Jewish people of New York. Where was Al Sharpton then?

People are going to make mistakes in things they say. My gut says we need to consider their track record, as well as their intent. The golf commentator was making an off-the-cuff joke about how to stop Tiger. If she had said, "They ought to take him in an alley and beat him up" -- people would have known it was just a joke. She made a bad choice of words. That is going to happen. Obama was making a joke. Let's laugh about it. Jesse Jackson on the other hand? He expressed a racial slur -- and got a free pass.

I guess I'm saying, LIGHTEN UP, AMERICA! When comments are made in a racist way -- roast the speaker. But let's stop looking for things to get worked up about.

It really makes me question Al Sharpton's sincerity.


Jeff said...

Maybe if all the reverends out there preached the forgiving nature of God instead of their personal brand of justice we could all get along better.

The appearance of personal agendas among supposed preachers of the Word also make me pause and wonder what motivates them.

Beverly Ross said...

I cannot even imagine how God must feel when racist thoughts well up in our hearts. How sad!