Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's a Girl!

Yesterday afternoon I slipped out to the golf course. It was a gorgeous January day. On the 10th hole, my cell phone rang. It was my youngest son Jonathan. I could hear my daughter-in-law Jennifer giggling in the background. They had just been to the doctor -- and they are having a girl. So we will have 2 boys and 2 girls come June. God is SO good! At this time, they are thinking about naming her Jocelyn.

This morning I asked Beverly, "I wonder how Jed will be with a baby sister." After I thought for a moment, I then asked, "I wonder how a baby sister will be with Jed?" He is such a blast!

As Beverly and I watched GMA this morning, there was a man on there who has "superior memory." There are only two documented cases. He remembers EVERYTHING. He can remember the date of his elementary school play, for instance.

I got to thinking: Is that something I wish I had? It would be good for remembering names -- a gift I wish I had. But I can also think of ways in which it might not be so good.

Here in Dallas the media has made a huge deal out of Tony Romo going to Cabo for a few days during their bye week. Interestingly, no one has mentioned the fact of him staying with a woman he is not married to. There is not scandal to that any more. In fact, I bet the majority of people did not even consider it. We have been numbed to it. After all, TV makes it look like the norm. I asked Beverly the other night if she could think of a TV show that even portrays a married couple? We couldn't.


Josh Ross said...

Fresh Prince (old show)
Til Death (on Wed. nights)
Friday Night Lights (on Friday night)

But you are right, there aren't many.

Jeff said...

Surely they had separate rooms.

Tony and Michelle on 24.
Bill Buchanan and his wife on 24.
According to Jim - Belushi.
Desperate Housewives - some of them were married at one time.

Some of those aren't great examples of marriage. Where have the Huxtables gone?

jross said...

The Barones!

Jonathan said...

I actually did read a report that they were in seperate rooms. Not sure if that is valid or not.