Friday, January 11, 2008

"O" Magazine, the Cowboys and Movies

Beverly has been getting "O" Magazine for a couple of years now. The thing is about the size of an old Sears catalog. After going to the mailbox and retrieving this brick for years, I have decided something. One of the best jobs on earth has to be that of cover editor for "O" magazine.

Here's how their monthly meetings must go: "Anyone have any ideas for this month's cover?" Hmm. Everyone sits in silence for a few minutes, drinking their coffee and eating donuts. Then someone says, "I know! Let's put a picture of Oprah!" "Yeah! Great idea, Sally. OK, everyone back to work. We'll meet again next month. And keep those creative juices flowing!"

I am a lifelong Cowboy fan -- except for a boycott of last season. But does being a fan mean you have to be blind to reality? I am really hoping we win Sunday. But I don't have a good feeling about it. I am afraid that we might have peaked too early, while it looks as if the Giants are playing better now. I'm not saying we will for sure lose, but I think I would feel better about it if we had played better over the last month.

I'm sure my loyal sons will roast me on this one.

I saw "I am Legend" last night. It was a good movie, but I think I was expecting a somewhat different story line. I went to the theater in Decatur, and there were 5 people -- two couples and me. But as is my luck in going to a public theater, a woman of one of the couples answered her cellphone and talked as if the person on the other end was having trouble hearing her. The man in the other couple talked to his wife throughout the whole movie. He must have thought he was a psychic, as he spent the whole time trying to predict what was going to happen next. The icing on the cake for him was when he must have finished off his drink, he burped so loud it felt like an earthquake.

I think I'll stick with DVDs. The popcorn is better, Beverly doesn't talk (I know you find that hard to believe) and she very rarely burps. (Just kidding, cutie)


jross said...

Cowboys? Everyone around here is razzing me, probably because so many of the football fans around here follow the Steelers. But I am a realist. I admit that beating the Giants twice was difficult - beating them a third time will be nothing short of a miracle.

Having said that - GO COWBOYS!

Josh Ross said...

Will Smith is the man!
Quit ragging on Oprah. She is the face of America. (Am I really defending Oprah?)

You said, "I'm sure my loyal sons will roast me on this one."

You got that right. Every year come playoff time in basketball or football, you play it on the safe side. It goes something like this, "Josh and Jonathan, here are my predictions: the Cowboys/Mavs won't make it past the first round. I just don't think they have it." Then, the win-win-line comes in, "But I'm still rooting for them and I'll cheer them on."

In essence, you put yourself in a position where you can't lose. If they lose you can say, "Told you so." If they win you can say, "I've been cheering them on this entire time."

The only sport you don't do this in is golf. You always "put your money" on Tiger. (Not literally)

Anonymous said...

Four of us went to see "I Am Legend" during the holidays. We hadn't read up on it and knew nothing more about the plot than "last man on earth". Were expecting "urban Castaway".

Needless to say we were a little surprised...

Michael Tucker

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

You've just got to love small town theaters! We have had a similar experience in Decatur one time where a mentally challenged woman talked the whole time and even screamed out in surprise during an exciting moment! What joy it is to live in Decatur! I personally didn't think the movie was as good as it could have been, but it was an interesting concept. I'm surprised you get "O" - I didn't think you cared too much for her.

Jonathan said...

"Does being a fan mean you have to be blind to reality?" My response to that would be, "yes". But to get to that response, we need quick vocabulary lesson. Where does the word 'fan' come from? Well it is short for the word 'fanatic' which is defined as a person with excessive or irrational enthusiasm. I must admit, I am a Cowboy and Maverick (and a couple other teams) fanatics. I will always say they are going to win it all because I have an irrational enthusiasm. Hello, my name is Jonathan Ross, I am a fanatic.