Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Annual Oil Rant

Gas prices have now reached record highs nationally. So it's time for my annual rant. How do gas stations so beautifully choreograph their price changes? It's like they do it in unison. It's really quite a talent.

Here's something I don't understand: Oil companies know that May begins the summer peak season. So why do they choose this time of year to shut down units at their refineries? The reason they cite for higher prices is higher demand and limited capacity because of refinery "turnarounds" (repairs). Again, don't buy their excuses! It is price-fixing. And we -- the consumers -- are hostages.

I especially feel for the person who is just hanging on -- trying to figure out how to squeeze another $15-20 a week out of their budget. What will such a person have to do without so that the greedy oil companies can have record profits?

In my opinion, big oil companies are the least patriotic of all American businesses, because they affect our entire economy. And they take advantage of any international incident to boost prices again. I may be overstating my case here -- but I think it sometimes borders on treason.

I am ready for our politicians to get serious about alternative fuels. We MUST rid ourselves of dependence on foreign oil. This would also allow us to wash our hands of Middle East politics. We as consumers need to have choices when it comes to energy, and alternative fuels might be the answer. (Of course, the oil companies will probably own the alternative fuels, as well). Unfortunately, most of our politicians are in cahoots with big oil.

Be watching to see what Exxon-Mobil's profits look like for the next quarter.

OK, that's my rant. I just wish I felt better.


Jeff said...

Rick Ross for President! No, I really wouldn't wish that on you but agree with your ranting.

I was traveling yesterday and had to get diesel in Salado before leaving. It was $2.98 a gallon. I put in just enough to get up the road a little ways where I had seen diesel for $2.68. I filled up for 30 cents less by driving 45 minutes up the road. It is crazy.

Jonathan said...

I would just buy a horse, but I think the oil companies own those too. I would just walk, but then the oil companies would buy the sidewalks. I don't know what to do.

Beverly Ross said...

Where was the $2.68 gas? I am driving to Houston tomorrow to look for cheaper gas. I'll let everyone know our finds - then I'll ride to Houston with you to show you. Jonathan, you are way too funny!