Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Belated Memorial Day Tribute

I believe the drought -- one of the longest in recorded history for this part of Texas -- can now be declared over. As a result, we are going into the summer in good condition. Most of the lakes are full -- if not overflowing. Lake Bridgeport (the lake closest to us), which was down 22 feet less than two months ago, is now down about 5 feet (maybe less with the rain over the weekend). God has certainly been good to us this spring.

Imagine 3 or 4 Rose Bowl stadiums filled with people. That's about how many service men and women have given their lives in service to our country in our relatively short 200+ years. I didn't do this yesterday, but I think it would be good for every American to watch "Saving Private Ryan" every Memorial Day. We humans tend to forget things fairly quickly. So, it is good to have reminders to cause us to reflect again on the sacrifices made that I can enjoy the freedoms I do.

This Sunday I will begin preaching both Sunday morning and night. I am excited about some of my future preaching plans. On Sunday nights this summer, I am going to preach through the 1st 10 chapters of Genesis. Then in the fall, I am going to preach through 1 Corinthians. On Sunday mornings, I will complete Acts this summer. I have been asked to do a series on marriage in the fall. After that, I am going to do a series on heaven.


randy said...

I know I speak for Linda in looking forward to the study of Genesis. She has long desired a deeper study of the old testament. Those of us who attended Sunday school as children don't often realize that the old testament stories that were lovingly pounded into us as children are not so familar to those who didn't have that experience. May we learn from their desire to know the entire word of God.

I praise God for his gift of rain and for giving the spirit of sacrifice to those who died so that we can worship freely.

Jeff said...

Do you have to wear a suit on Sunday nights? I crack myself up.

I'm looking forward to the Genesis study. I know you will do a good job bringing new things to light from the Old Testament.

Anonymous said...

Hope the preaching goes well. Why just Genesis 1-10? Just curious.


Rick Ross said...

Just kind of dealing with the pre-Abrahamic covenant. The Tower of Babel seems to wrap up the condition of things up to God coming to Abraham.