Friday, May 25, 2007


I find my thoughts drifting more and more toward heaven these days. I know what some of you are thinking. It's an age thing. And you may be right.

When I was younger, heaven was hardly something I longed for. In my mind (partly because of the theology of my childhood), heaven was simply the better alternative. I KNEW I didn't want to go to hell. But heaven? Singing -- FOR ALL ETERNITY? Well, I would rather sing than burn. But it was like choosing between a spanking or being grounded.

How false such an understanding of heaven is! It is about being fully aware of one's presence in the Kingdom of God. It's about being with Him -- seeing His face.

I'm already committed to a sermon series for the fall. I have been asked to preach on marriage. But I think I am going to follow that up with a study of heaven.


Jeff said...

The journey to know God leads us through many new doors. The change in our thoughts on the joy of heaven over the wages of hell is certainly one of those doors and each door we go through only brings us closer to seeing the beautiful glory of our God. I hope I will make my way through those doors ever more quickly.

jross said...

Knowing we have a reservation (Jn 14) makes it that much more exciting. Christians don't have to fear death because death isn't permanent. Rather, we will be gathered up in our Father's arms, and get to have our first face to face with our Brother Jesus. Sign me up!