Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell and Teletubbies

I have had several people tell me that they have tried to post to my blog, but have been unable to. The blog account I use changed a while back, and it is now a Google account. However, I believe it will prompt you as to how to open a Google account so that you can post. The account is free. Please don't give up! Part of the fun of blogging is reading the responses.

Tomorrow Beverly and I are going to Houston to stay with Truitt (also Josh and Kayci). Beverly will stay there until next Wednesday. I will fly back Saturday afternoon. So I may not be in blogger land for a couple of days.

Jerry Falwell passed away yesterday. Back in the 80s, his Moral Majority helped to change the political landscape in America. For some of that, I applaud him. However, as often happens with things of this nature, his scope became too narrow -- fixating on a handful of issues that he and others felt defined Christianity. While I probably would agree with them on those issues, I'm not sure that Jesus ever said a word about them. I realize that in itself does not make something right or wrong. (For instance, I have heard homosexuals say that their lifestyle is OK because Jesus never said anything against it.) However, it does seem that Jesus' agenda was more geared toward justice and concern for the poor and disenfranchised.

On a closing note: The Teletubbies incident really made Christians look foolish.


Jeff said...

There was an interesting snippet on GMA today about Falwell and what he did through the years. I didn't realize he had founded the first mega-church in the country.

I think he was well-intentioned but not always well-spoken in how he approached some issues. I think there are times we need to be harder in our stance than we want to be and other times that we need to take a softer approach. I probably always get them backwards.

I know Falwell was always outspoken against sinfulness and don't know what he did or didn't do to help the downtrodden. I would hope I was only exposed to one facet of his approach but that he spent time both preaching righteous living and serving those who were hurt or in need. Too often, we only see or are shown the part of someone's life that makes them seem less than whole.

That said, I never did follow closely or understand the Teletubbies stand but couldn't stand to watch the show anyway.

Beverly Ross said...

I can't wait for our trip to Houston! Should be great fun!

JRoss said...

Teletubbies & Christianity. A natural mix.