Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Ramblings

It was wonderful being able to spend some time with my precious grandson Truitt over the weekend. Oh, and his mom and dad, too. He is such a bundle of joy! So active! Beverly is going to be there until Wednesday -- soaking up the love. I envy her.

In my years of ministry, elders' meetings have not been at the top of my list of "fun" activities. But let me tell you: Every time I am with my current elders, it is a treat. I am so proud of them! And I am blessed to serve with them.

Tonight is a big night. Two episodes of "24." Here's predicting that the season finale will leave Jack hanging in suspense (I'm just taking a wild guess.) I wonder if he's going to have to bump off his dad?


china said...

good luck

Jeff said...

I am pumped for 24 tonight. I can only imagine the cliffhanger they will leave us with tonight.

JRoss said...

I blame you for my addiction to 24. I had never watched it until your blog just before the season started. I'm hooked. I have a question for 24 (not Jeff Gordon) fans - Does anyone else think that Jack's nephew may actually be his son? Will President Palmer return tonight?

Rick Ross said...

You have to rent previous season's DVDs. Really, this may be the worst season of all -- but for a "24" fan, it's still good.

I have a feeling that Jack's "nephew" is his son. And my bet is that Wayne Palmer returns tonight. I don't like his VP.

Beverly Ross said...

of course it is son. something in the way he screamed "uncle jack". i am hoding truitt right now
oh and in my opinion -- this is not the worst season
wayne is back tonight
hey and maybe david too

Rick Ross said...

If David comes back, Jack is even more powerful than I thought!

JRoss said...

Who's David? How about bringing back Milo!

Rick Ross said...

David was Wayne's older brother. He was president for a couple of seasons. He got assassinated last year.

He's the guy who does the Allstate commercials. Good actor!