Monday, July 10, 2006

The World Cup

Yesterday, I watched bits and pieces of the World Cup. I am amazed at the popularity of soccer (futbol) worldwide. No doubt, it is the world's most popular sport. But it would take some getting used to before I could be a fan.

Now rugby is another matter. Two years ago, when I was in Australia -- they were in the middle of the rugby playoffs. It is a great game, somewhat like football without the 40 second break in between plays. Much faster moving than our football.

Anyway, so I'm watching the game yesterday: Italy vs. France. I'm surprised France didn't just surrender (just joking). After regulation, the score was tied. So, they played one overtime period -- and it was still tied. So the World Cup comes down to this: Who can make the most penalty kicks in 5 tries? Huh?

These guys have been playing in the World Cup tournament for what seems like a couple of months -- with up to a billion people watching. And the champions are going to be determined by who can make the most penalty kicks in 5 tries?

Can you imagine the Super Bowl coming down to this: Game tied after regulation. They play one overtime period -- still tied. So, the game will be decided by which field goal kicker can make the most extra points in 5 tries.

Or the NBA championship being decided by who can make the most free throws in 5 tries.

Needless to say, I was not impressed. But I realize that my American point of view is not one that is shared by the rest of the world. So, congratulations to Italy!

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Josh Ross said...

How bout that head-butt???