Thursday, July 06, 2006

Missed Rain, Jedidiah, and Ken Lay

I did not realize when Beverly and I moved to Decatur that we were moving to the largest dome in the world. Since Monday, it has rained all around us. Over the last several days, the DFW metroplex has received multiple inches of rain. Within 4 miles of my house, a friend got two inches on Tuesday. But we are dry.

Beverly and I had a nice treat yesterday. Jedidiah came to see us! (Oh, yeah. Their parents, Jonathan and Jennifer, came too). They spent the night with us last night, and are on their way to Odessa today -- then to Abilene for the weekend and next week. Jonathan is leading singing for Kadesh camp there.

I told Beverly that I would not rub it in, but it is quite a coincidence. Our 1st grandbaby, Malaya, smiled first at her grampy. And last night? Jed smiled at me (1st again). But I won't rub it in.

Ken Lay passed away yesterday. I could not believe the newspaper headlines this morning. It was about how Lay got out of paying restitution for his crime! For goodness sakes! The man is dead! I realize his crime was a grievous one -- leaving many people hurt. But where has our common decency gone?


randy said...

It don' rain in Flatwood either.

jenny biz said...

You are a pretty special Grampy! Jed and Malaya are pretty lucky!!