Thursday, July 20, 2006

Life in the Fast Lane

It was so nice being back in Crockett. Seeing old friends and preaching last night for them was a special treat. Beverly and her parents and I met Jed for lunch yesterday. His parents tagged along as well. We ate and then visited for about an hour and a half -- just taking turns holding the little booger. He is so cute!

Last night after church, we got on the road -- arriving home about 12:30. Beverly called her mom on the way home, and it was raining in Crockett. So, I just missed seeing my first rain in a couple of months.

Are we spoiled or what? As I got to the office this morning, I went on line. We have DSL, and it is running slower than the old dial up. I'm sitting in front of my monitor tapping my foot. "Come on! You're wasting my precious time!"

I can remember when dial up internet was incredible. And that was only a few years ago!

I have to keep telling myself to slow down and enjoy the ride.


Jeff said...

I'm glad all went well and y'all are back safe.

It's one thing to slow down and enjoy the ride. It's totally another to have to wait on a slow Internet connection. I know when it happens that the devil is toying with me because I'm not having good thoughts at those moments!

Josh Ross said...

I was chat'n with God about this earlier. My (Our) dependence upon material things (cars, hair dryers, mowers, refrigerators, computers, phones, etc.) greatly hinders our dependence and trust in God. What if churches began taking seriously the idea of Sabbatical again? What if we paused every few months to call our people to silence? Could we live 1 day without radio, television, computers, and telephone? Or maybe we are just too addicted.