Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Returning to Crockett

Today after work, I am picking up Beverly in Grapevine and we are going to go spend the night in Crockett with Beverly's parents. Tomorrow night I will be speaking there.

Crockett was my first full-time work. Even though we were only there 5 years, in many ways it still seems like home. We made life-long friends there. It was the perfect place for an inexperienced preacher to cut his teeth. They were so supportive, and must have endured some real yawners.

I think we sense many of the positives in Decatur that we did in Crockett. We like the smaller town, and the genuineness of the people.

Hopefully, our ministry career can be bookended with the Crockett experience and the Decatur experience. That would be cool. I only hope that there aren't as many yawners left in my repertoire.


Liz Moore said...

I can't imagine you ever presenting a yawner. I love the way you always challenged me to be more of who God wanted me to be through your sermons. May the Lord continue to bless you and Beverly in your ministry. Tell Rick and Bev Kelley we said hi!

Josh Ross said...

Yawner! Yeah right!
I can't wait until August 16th so I can be with those wonderful people from Crockett.
Have fun.

Amy C said...

Your sermons always captivated, touched and challanged me. I love you Rick. Crockett is in for a treat. Enjoy your trip!

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

You can imagine my desire to write a smart aleck answer about a yawner but I can't. It seems to me that you have allowed God to use you to glorify him and your sermons bring insight to His word and a challenge to always walk with Him. I am thankful God led you to Decatur. What tops it off is that you aren't just a preacher speaking to us, you are a servant among us.