Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Tozer Quote

This is an exciting weekend. British Open in the morning. Tomorrow night, Beverly and I are going with Jenny and Malaya and some of our friends to see my favorite artist, Stephen Curtis Chapman. I'll be up late Saturday night. So, hopefully I won't fall asleep in the sermon.

In past weeks, I have shared thoughts from A. W. Tozer. Here is another:

We do have many professing Christians in our day who are not joyful, but they spend time trying to work it up. Now, brethren, I say that when we give God His place in the church, when we recognize Christ as Lord high and lifted up, when we give the Holy Spirit His place, there will be joy that doesn't have to be worked up. It will be a joy that springs like a fountain. Jesus said that it should be a fountain, an artesian well, that springs up from within. That's one characteristic of a Spirit-filled congregation. They will be a joyful people, and it will be easy to distinguish them from the children of the world.

I wonder what the Apostle Paul would say if he came down right now and looked us over in our congregations. What if he walked up and down the aisles of our churches, then went to a theater and looked them over, then on to a hockey game, on to the crowds at the shopping center and into the crowded streets? Then when he came back and looked us over again, I wonder if he would see very much difference?

Have a great weekend!


jenny biz said...

Dad-Come on now!! We aren't going to see SCC--We are going to see Jeremy Camp. And SCC is just a nice bonus :)

Liz Moore said...

Yah, I agree with Jenny, I love Jeremy Camp! My Jeremy is going to the concert too. I'll tell him to look for all of you. As much as I like them both, I think I'll just listen to a is going to be hot as blazes out there! Everyone try and stay cool and have fun!!