Friday, July 07, 2006

What if . . .?

An interesting question was posed last night at our covenant group / Bible study. Suppose you lived in the time when Jesus was in the flesh. How do you think you would have received Him?

I had to admit that I am glad I live now -- post-resurrection. As cynical as I tend to be when people make claims for themselves or about others, I fear that I would have missed Him. I don't think I would have sided with the Pharisees. I probably would have simply been one in the crowd who saw (or heard), weighed it against my own experiences -- and returned home to my routine.

It's a scary thought.


Liz Moore said...

I tend to be skeptical of people in certain situations. My intuition is pretty accurate most of the time so I hope that I would have sensed that something special that only Jesus could have exuded. But I'm with you. I'm glad I live now. What a horrible thought to think that he was right there before you and you missed him.

Jody said...

I think a lot of Christians today are not unlike the Jews during the time He was on earth. I'll explain.

The Jews believed the messiah was coming but when he got there they couldn't accept the man who told them he was the son of God. Today don't we pray and believe God will work in our lives but when he does we overlook it or view it as coincidence? Or worse don't give God the glory.

Then just as now, God is right in front of us and we choose to ignore him.

Beverly Ross said...

Tough question - worth a ponder or two!

Josh Ross said...

Good question.
Similar question--how DO we receive Him now? His teachings? His way of life? His character?
I'll be preaching more about this in Decatur next Wednesday.

Beverly Ross said...

Great teaser, Josh! Can't wait to see you next week! I hope Kayci can come!