Thursday, June 01, 2006

Visions and Dreams

OK, I know. I know what Jesus would say to me (at least one of the things). "Oh, you of little faith."

For about a month in our mens' class on Wednesday night, we have been talking about capturing a vision for God's Kingdom work in Decatur. Last night was to be the culmination of it all. I had told the men that I was basically going to facilitate a brain-storming session, and if no one came with any ideas then I would be left just standing there. I really feared that this might actually play out that way.

But these guys came ready! There has obviously been a lot of time spent in thought and prayer. So, I again posed the question: "If money was no object, what could we do for the Kingdom here in Decatur?" And the ideas began to roll. A private school. Half-way houses and counseling for people with addictive behaviors. Food and shelter for the poor. A place for families to stay who have someone in the hospital. A Hispanic ministry. Classes offering English as a second language. Life skills for a well-rounded life -- physically, mentailly and spiritually. A senior bus to pick up the elderly for church and then take them out to eat, as well as on outings. A GED program offered by our church. Support groups meeting in our building.

I am probably leaving something out, but am going simply by memory. Now my prayer is that the Lord will lay a passion for these possibilities on individual hearts to see them carried out. Too often we have thrown ideas like these in the elders' laps, and then a year later said, "See, they don't really want to do anything." That's so unfair. I much prefer someone with a passion for a work being the person to pursue it -- with the elders' blessing and empowerment.

Speaking of which: Today Beverly and I begin a new chapter in a dream of hers. We (Jacob Baker is going to help me) are going to her Dallas office to get her furniture. We will swap it out in Grapevine, and bring her Grapevine furniture to her new office in Decatur. Until August, she will be in Grapevine on Monday and Tuesday and in Decatur on Wednesday and Thursday. We are so excited!


Beverly Ross said...

I am delighted to be part of this church! Isn't dreaming fun! I'm so excited about watching them unfold! Thanks for helping me with my own!!!

Kyle R. said...

Thanks for providing the environment for the visions and dreams.

From a practical standpoint, we are ready for the outreach to the Hispanic, Spanish speaking population. As you pointed out last night, very little capital investment necessary, we've got the physical facilities ready, and it doesn't take Pat's "prophetic" gift to see the tremendous need in our community. :)

I am going to take the ball and run with the Hispanic outreach and ESL idea.

Here we go!!!

And may God bless our efforts! I know He will.

Jeff said...

It was been a fun trip to watch these classes unfold. I enjoyed listening to others share their ideas and I know we will see some them move forward. My dream is that as these other dreams develop, it helps everyone in the church to mature and grow in God and that we all will find ways and places to strengthen each other and touch those whom God will lead us to. My dream is that this church becomes a beacon to the world that God is alive and God is working through His children and that salvation is free and open to all who will take hold of it.

Liz Moore said...

Maybe you should let Beverly join in on the men's classes. When we used to have women's meetings and classes, if anyone came up with a great idea about something, Beverly had a way of somehow instantly letting you know you were in charge of getting it done. In a good way of course! Love you Beverly!! I miss those days!

Liz Moore said...

I probably should have added, those are great visions and I pray that God will use all of you to accomplish them. I wasn't poking fun at all!

Rick Ross said...


I know exactly what you mean. I would love to have Beverly doing that as well.


Thanks for stepping up! I, like you, think the Hispanic ministry is a no-brainer. Let me know how I can help!