Monday, June 19, 2006

Notes from the Weekend

Yesterday was a wonderful Father's Day. I have to pinch myself to make sure that this is real. I am so, so blessed.

And I am so proud of our church! Last week as I witnessed so much work being put into reaching our community through Vacation Bible School. And this morning, I am seeing 30 of our members off to Brazil, where they will be involved in mission work there for 10 days. What an incredible undertaking for a church our size. It is exciting to be involved in God's kingdom activity.

On another note: It was a sorry weekend for sports! The US Open was the worst I have ever seen. I don't think anyone won the thing. Goeff Oglivy simply won it by default. Colen Montgomery has a chance to win his 1st major: Double bogey on 18. Phil Mickelson comes to 18 with a one shot lead: Double bogeys 18. It was pathetic.

And the Mavs! I'm hearing a lot of crying about the officiating, and it does seem to be slanted. BUT- the Mavs appear to be choking big-time. Dirk, where are you? You are supposed to be a superstar. A go-to guy. And you have disappeared from the radar!

Oh, well. Maybe their fortunes will change when they come home to Dallas.


JRoss said...

......not only that - but the NASCAR race was shortened by rain. Yet with all these mishaps, Jimmie Johnson still leads in points. (sorry Rick - I take the opportunity when it presents itself.)

Josh Ross said...

HI! My name is D-Wade. I fake like I'm hurt all the time, but I just do it to be a hero. Also, I like my relationship with the refs. They know the drill. I get the ball, they call a foul. I touch the ball, they call a foul. I looked over at Ref Joey Crawford with 10 seconds left in OT and gave him a wink. I drove the lane, and the refs came through. Nobody touched me with 1.6 left, but that whistle blew because that is what they do. Just lay out the red carpet in front of me, because I'm D-Wade.
Seriously, the officiating was a joke last night. 49 free throws to 20-something. Uhhh...
However, we had our chances to win.

Liz Moore said...

I agree with Josh! We were talking about the same thing. I also agree that Dirk needs to step up. We desperately need him. And what's up with not calling a back court violation at the end of the game. That would have given us the ball and probably a different outcome. I said something about it to my family and they didn't think it was, but then Cuban made a comment about it also on the news last night. I agree we should be playing better basketball, but it's kind of hard to beat the other team and the refs.