Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pray for Our Brazil Team

We received word this morning that our mission team to Brazil has hit another snag. They were in the air last night about an hour out, and a problem developed with the plane. So they returned to Brazil, and will not leave until 9:30 tonight -- hopefully arriving here at about 6:30 Friday morning.

I really feel for our group. After a few days away from my sweetie, I can't wait to be reunited. And then, to have two delays -- it must be very discouraging. Let's pray that they will have peace in their hearts from the comfort of the Father.

Russ Hamilton called me this morning and has requested that anyone who can -- come to the building tonight at 7 PM for a prayer vigil. They want to pray for the team -- that they will be able to leave tonight and arrive home safely. I have a Bible study in Southlake tonight, so will miss out. But thanks, Russ, for coordinating that!

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Beverly Ross said...

I am so sad about another delay. I know their families are more than ready to see theme! I know as a church family we are!!! May the Lord give traveling mercies this day!