Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It must be in the Bible somewhere. But I haven't found it yet. Something to the effect of "Let every church set aside one week each summer for the kids. Let the adults, many of whom normally assume leadership roles in the church, spend this week dressing in goofy outfits. Sing songs with lots of clapping and physical activity. But let this activity be for one week -- and one week only."

Oh, traditions. Some of them need to be jettisoned. But many of them serve us well. I can't imagine what summer would be like in a church without VBS. We began ours last night. VBS is a week unlike any other on our church's calendar. It's a week where we tolerate things that would not be tolerated by many at any other time. It is a time of fun. It's a time where "old stuffies" let their hair down.

But best of all, it's a time for focusing kids on Jesus. My granddaughter went to VBS last night, and then spent the night with us. After we got home, she was talking to her uncle Josh on the phone and was telling him, "You know about the miracle: A little boy had a lunch, and Jesus took it and fed all the people."

In all my life, I've never been a part of a church that didn't have a VBS. And I hope that it's a tradition that will last through my lifetime.


JRoss said...

Thanks, "Ricky Reasoner", for the memories!

Kyle R. said...

Quote: "It's a week where we tolerate things that would not be tolerated by many at any other time. It is a time of fun."

Yeah, it's a shame it is biblical only once a week to have fun in a church building. :)

How about a sermon or two on this Ricky Reasoner??? :)

Everybody have a great day!

Josh Ross said...

Booster Booster!!!
Such an uplifting, life-changing song.
Where did it start?

Kyle R. said...

I meant to say above, "It's a shame that it is biblical to have fun in a church building only one week per year." :)

My hands didn't type what my mind was trying to sarcastically say when I wrote the previous post. :)

JRoss said...

Josh - maybe it started at the "Booster" club. I will add that it ranks right up there with the classical lyrics, "back back train and get your load."