Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blessings, Charlie

Tomorrow will be Charlie Gibson's last day on Good Morning America. I have enjoyed him so much through the years. He is a rare breed among public figures today. Never a scandal attached to his name. He has always been very open about his faith and his love for his family. He's just a real decent man. Witty. Funny. Mischievous. Compassionate.

Charlie is moving to the anchor desk for ABC news. I seldom watch the evening news, but I wish him well. I can't imagine who ABC can get to fill his shoes on GMA.

By the way, this is not intended to be a GMA vs. Today Show blog. I must admit: I began watching GMA years ago, and never even checked in with Today. I just wanted to give some props to Charlie. He's the man!


Gary Wood said...

I like him also.

Josh Ross said...

If it isn't on ESPN, I haven't seen it.
But, go get'em Charlie.

JRoss said...

After losing his last gig (MNF), I understand Dennis Miller is available.

randy said...

Perhaps the lesson is that I need to be more open about my faith and my love for my family(s).

Beverly Ross said...

I'm a fan!